Steven Erickson

Steve Erickson

Vistage Minnesota Chair Since 2014

My group values: Courage, vulnerability, a good sense of humor, and life-long learning

As a Chair, members have described me as: Trustworthy

Personally, members have described me as: Thoughtful

Mentoring Style: I ask hard questions

Areas of Expertise: Communication, Problem Solving

Contact me: (612) 868-7080 or 

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After attending the University of Montana, Steve worked toward and became the 3rd generation President of Erickson's Diversified Corp; a regional family company of large retail grocery, pharmacy, gasoline station stores and other holdings. He served on the board of directors of the National Grocers Association and helped shape the future of independent grocers across the U.S. Steve has been a member of YPO (Young Presidents Organization) since 1998. Currently, he holds the Mentoring Officer position on the board. For years, Steve has been a professional coach to executives, businesses, and other individuals who are seeking change and thought leadership.

One of Steve's driving forces for the Navigators Group is “high performance on a human scale, for personal, family and business.”

Steve believes that all of the answers are in the room. You just have to ask the right questions to find them.

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