Michael Karlsrud

Michael Karlsrud

Vistage Minnesota Chair Since 2016

My group values: Courage, vulnerability, and commitment to change

As a Chair, members have described me as: Assertive

Personally, members have described me as: Compassionate

Mentoring Style: I listen, question, and challenge

Areas of Expertise: Revenue Generation, Change Leadership

Contact me: (612) 747-3184 or 

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Michael Karlsrud is a results-driven, big-picture visionary, executive sales leader with 30 years of experience with entrepreneurial start-ups and established Fortune 100 brands with revenues from $1M to $1B.

Michael's passion is leading high-performing CEO groups whose members outperform their competition and their own previous bests. For Michael, the journey is as important as the outcome, and he finds that to be true for Vistage members, as well.

Members of his group have these things in common:

  • Growth is not an option.
  • A need to solve business issues.
  • A passion for professional enlightenment, and a pursuit of personal development.
Each member accepts a challenge and be challenged, to be vulnerable yet strong, and lead while serving.

Michael's group is a safe place to grow, explore, share and connect with others who are on the same journey.

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