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Jacqueline Byrd, PhD

Vistage Minnesota Chair Since 2014

My group values: Curiousity, commitment to change, and a passion for work

As a Chair, members have described me as: Authentic

Personally, members have described me as: Intentional

Mentoring Style: I listen, question, and encourage

Areas of Expertise: Innovation, Strategy

 Contact me: (612) 386-0953 or 

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Jacqueline has been the CEO of Creatrix Inc. for over 20 years. Her business continues to thrive and intersect with her work as a Vistage Chair, making her always in tune with the ever-changing markets. As a consultant, she has worked across industries -healthcare, medical device, financial services, manufacturing, government, academe and legal which has made her aware of multiple industries challenges and opportunities.

She specializes in where innovation, leadership and strategy come together, making it possible for people to think differently, lead innovatively and build innovation deep into their cultures. Before running her own company, Jacqueline held executive positions in both the public and private sectors. She is the author of "The Innovation Equation" and "Voice of the Innovator". And, serves as adjunct faculty for St. Catherine's University. Her goal as a Vistage Chair- to help CEOs and Executive Leaders " think differently and respond to change innovatively."

Unique to the Vistage Minnesota community, Jacqueline co-chairs Chief Executive and Key Executive groups with Tom Gunderson. Our partnership offers our executive group members over 70 years of combined experience in business leadership, management consulting and executive coaching.

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