Frank Solomon

Frank Solomon

Vistage Chair Since 2015

My group values: Commitment to change, vulnerability, and a "carefrontational" approach

As a Chair, members have described me as: Experienced

Personally, members have described me as: Reliable

Mentoring Style: I listen, give feedback, and am accountable

Areas of Expertise: Entrepreneurship 

Contact me: (612) 360-4883 or 

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For almost 30 years, Frank has founded and grown startups and Fortune 200 companies, where he has served exclusively as CEO or other C-level positions.

The common thread in all these experiences is the instincts and motivations of an entrepreneur where survival depends on:

  • Strategic and market insights
  • An executable business plan
  • A focused and rapid implementation
  • The ability to pivot quickly when presented with new intelligence or expanded market opportunities
  • The skill to communicate the company's vision to customers, employees, and investors

As a Vistage Chair, Frank gains a great degree of personal satisfaction leveraging his experiences to assist fellow CEOs and business owners in navigating the issues they face as they grow their companies. His personal mission is to help business leaders achieve the success they envision and grow professionally and personally.

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