Vistage Minnesota Member Luke Carlson Featured in Upsize Magazine

Prior to starting his own boutique strength training club, Luke Carlson was on the fast-track to a successful career as a strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Vikings.

A Journey to Discover Strength

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With an education in kinesiology and exercise science, Carlson was primed to continue his journey in strength training and research. That journey, however, veered into business, where he found a passion for leadership and management, not just exercise.

His business, Discover Strength, currently has 3 locations, with plans to grow to 10 locations in the next few years.

In the May 2017 issue of Upsize Minnesota Magazine, Carlson equates his success to finding a specific niche.

"We do nothing but one-on-one and small-group strength training, explains Carlson in the feature article. "The only thing we do is strength training. The large part, if not the largest part or contribution to our success is narrowly defining our strategic niche."

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Why Vistage Minnesota?

Luke’s passion for exercise and fitness is only equaled by his obsession for all things business related. The self-drive of continuous improvement is what eventually led him to Vistage Minnesota.

In his member story, Carlson said he joined Vistage “to be around business people in other industries that were smart."

"I wanted to see how they approached problems, how they solved problems, and how they dealt with the classic business struggles and issues growing firms have,” added Carlson.

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