Congratulations, Brian Davis, on the Launch of Your New Chief Executive Group

We are pleased to announce that Chair, Brian Davis, launched another Vistage Chief Executive Group in Minneapolis. Brian now has two Chief Executive groups along with his Key groups!

A few words from Brian Davis about the group build:

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Over the last couple of years, several of my Key members had been promoted, or as owners had grown their small businesses significantly.  I thought several would be ready for a CE Group.  So in May, I announced to all 4 groups that I was starting another CE Group in June, and 7 Key members decided to “graduate” to the new CE group.  Another 2 or 3 will be doing so by September.  I used LC Search Partners to help source another 2 new members, and will rely on them to find several strong candidates to attend our Vistage Executive Summit in September.  The goal is to have the new CE group at 16 and to replace the 7 Key members who graduated by December.

Special message from Regional Executive, Dave Bartel:

Besides having these groups, Brian has been a leader in the Twin Cities helping support his fellow chairs.  His leadership behind the scene in assisting others with nominations, helping to start the Rainmakers Group (the marketing team in the Twin Cities) and always being one of the first to jump in and help.  Additionally, Brian has maintained and worked hard on creating a high value for his members which is reflected in the recognition he has earned:  Chair Excellence, Master Chair to name a few this year and one of 12 Chairs this year to receive the Regional Chair of the Year Award.

Special message from Best Practice Chair, Rick Schleufer:

Congratulations Brian on the launch of your newest CE Peer Advisory Group! You are truly an incredible role model for all of us in the Twin Cities Chair community. Your uncompromising commitment to your work, your practice and the entire community is on display every day as you constantly step-up and take on leadership roles to enhance the Vistage brand and impact with our members. Thank you for your consistent leadership and for demonstrating what 'high-performance' really looks like.  Well done my friend. 

Professional background:

Brian earned his Ph.D in Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota, and has over 25 years of leadership experience at PDI Ninth House (Korn Ferry), a premier global leadership assessment and development firm.

Brian founded Leadership Catalysts to bring Executive Coaching and Team Building Best Practices from some of the most admired Global 1000 Companies to small and midsize companies. In addition to serving his Vistage members, his specialty is preparing high potential executives and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to lead $500 million to $1 billion businesses.

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