CEO Peer Advisory Groups & Business Owner Roundtables in Minnesota [Directory]

The old proverb “birds of a feather flock together,” might be the reason for the soaring popularity of CEO peer advisory groups and business-owner roundtables over time. As we reported in “Why Should I Join a Peer Advisory Group,” leaders often find answers to problems from other CEOs and business owners.

business roundtable.jpgThrough peer groups, members come together as colleagues, not competitors, says Vistage’s vice president of influence Leo Bottary. Members learn to trust each other, share strategies and learn to be vulnerable. “There are no hidden agendas,” says Mr. Bottary.

Peer advisory groups, say leadership development advisor, Beth Miller, “Create an environment where individuals can find and give support, solve problems and achieve their goals among like-minded people who face similar challenges. Groups are an excellent way for senior leaders to grow without getting mired in company minutia and politics.”

The truth is, most members of advisory groups and roundtables squeeze every penny out of their membership investment. The ROIs can come in the form of higher revenue, better margins, more time to spend with family, and better decisions.

Here’s Your Directory of CEO Peer Advisory Groups and Business Owner Roundtables in Minnesota

If you’re looking for a CEO peer advisory group or business owner roundtable in Minnesota to join, you’re in luck! We’ve created the following directory for you. Here are eight in alphabetical order:

Allied Executives

Allied Executives is a Minnesota-focused organization that offers peer roundtables, workshops, and individual coaching for CEOs and key executives (CMO, CFO, COO, etc.). The organization serves companies $1M to $500M in revenue.

Each peer group meets once a month for a half day, usually on the same date and time each month. Each meeting follows a format that gives every member the chance to speak and receive feedback from the group. Members of the same group don’t compete with one another.

The CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable caters to CEOs of fast-growing Minnesota companies who like to share experiences, ideas, and insights with other executives in groups of 10–12 members. Over half the member companies are $2M to $10M in annual revenue with the remainder between $11M and over $51M.

Members of The CEO Roundtable, like most of the peer groups listed here, represent multiple industries: finance, real estate, manufacturing, nonprofits, insurance, IT services, professional services, publishing, construction, building services, agriculture, education and more.

EO Minnesota

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 12,000+ influential business owners with 167 chapters in 52 countries. At its core, EO is a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on business growth, personal development, and community engagement.

For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership, they must have privately raised funds of $2M or publicly raised funds of US$5M. Venture backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of $1M in gross annual revenue.

Executive Group

Executive Group is a Minnesota-based CEO peer group and CEO roundtable member organization committed to helping its members thrive and succeed. The organization helps its member companies and their executive leaders (presidents, CEOs and business owners) design and execute strategies that enhance personal life and personal freedom while producing sustainable growth and profits.

Executive Group is founded on proven strategic planning and execution methods that create sustainable competitive advantages in the markets where its members compete. The group also engages the entire company.

Inner Circle

Peer group members of Inner Circle meet monthly with 10 to 12 business leaders and owners of small and midsize companies. Facilitator-led meetings give members opportunities to present, clarify, and hear feedback about their business and personal goals.

Members can also meet with facilitators outside of the monthly meetings for one-to-one sessions. Inner Circle’s “Why” is to help every business reach its full potential and succeed in the marketplace.

Vistage Minnesota

The Vistage executive peer group serves CEOs, business owners and key executives. Vistage is an international organization with thousands of seasoned CEO/executive guides, or what are called Vistage Chairs. Within Minnesota, 15 Chairs serve over 400 members.

Private peer advisory groups are organized into groups of 12–16 executives, business leaders, and CEOs. Monthly, all-day meetings are led by the Chairs and feature a national speaker. CEO group members also receive a monthly one-to-one coaching session.

Young President’s Organization

YPO serves chief executives across the globe to help them learn and grow in their businesses and careers, personal lives, families and their communities. The organization is built around the core idea of “Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange™.”

Members can join a chapter, network, or regional forum depending on individual needs. Chapters meet once per month and typically have 10–12 local chapter events every year. Chapters provide learning, networking and social opportunities for its members.

Experience Vistage

Time to Kick A Few Tires

Before you decide on the right peer group or roundtable to meet your needs, do your due diligence. Check out these peer groups online, ask more questions, talk to friends and colleagues. Talk to members in each of the organizations. Kick the tires and if possible, take a test drive by participating in an actual meeting!



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